GEOCON Professional Engineering Services

GEOCON Professional Services is a full-service engineering firm with specialties in geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, construction inspection, hot-mix-asphalt services, subcontract drilling services, and confined space entry. We stand on the character and extensive experience of our professional team, working together to provide you with prompt, and accurate engineering services at competitive rates.

Geotechnical Engineering

GEOCON provides a wide range of geotechnical engineering services, subsurface exploration and evaluations, and soil drilling and testing to assist clients in managing underground risk.

Hot Mix Asphalt Surface & Testing

Our hot-mix-asphalt (HMA) services include, quality control/quality assurance HMA field and plant testing, and inspection. AASHTO accredited quality assurance laboratory testing, and mix design.

Construction Testing and Inspection

GEOCON is the only construction testing and inspection company that provides infrared camera inspection to Illinois and Indiana, and we are IDOT and INDOT Certified for inspection and testing of hot-mix-asphalt, concrete, aggregates, and soils.

Environmental Engineering

Our environmental engineering includes assessment and remediation services, leaking underground storage tanks, and spill prevention to assist clients throughout environmental clean-up, and construction.

Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling

GEOCON drilling services include environmental sampling, subsurface explorations, pressure meter testing, well installation, groundwater pump tests, auger and rotary drilling, rock coring, and more.

Confined Space Entry

Our personnel are highly trained for confined safe entry projects. We conduct dimensional surveys, atmospheric monitoring, liquid dye testing, gas detection, infiltration installation and repair, and maintain systems.


GEOCON Professional Services has offices located in Frankfort, Kankakee, Crescent City, and Champaign, Illinois for Chicago area engineering services. GEOCON specializes in geotechnical and environmental engineering, construction inspection services, hot-mix-asphalt services, subcontract drilling services, and confined space entry services.